Over and again Showtime has staged apartments that have been on the market for many months and they have sold within 48 hours!!!!

Research shows that staging TO SELL means –

  • You can sell your home for 6-20% MORE, that is R60 000 - R200 000 more per R1m price you achieve.
  • You sell much faster in 1/3 to ½ of the time
  • Potential buyers choose your property over the competition
  • A staged home looks warm and inviting and buyers spend 45 min instead of 5 minutes viewing it
  • Buyers don’t concentrate on what’s wrong with the property.
  • If a buyer looks on the internet and your house does not look appealing they don’t even arrange a viewing.


About Us

Sharon Carey

Sharon Carey

Sharon Carey, the owner and founder of ShowTime Staging (Pty) Ltd owned and managed Le Chatelat Residence one of South Africa’s 5 Star premier boutique hotels.


To attain this level of excellence required attention to detail and an ability to intuitively figure out what customers are looking for and value.


Sharon has applied these attributes to ShowTime Staging with extraordinary success.

So what will ShowTime do for you?

It will take what is a stressful situation and leave you with peace of mind –

  • that you are in professional hands
  •  that you will achieve the best price and in as short a time as possible knowing that there was nothing more that you could have done to protect and enhance your investment.

The completion of many projects over many years has given ShowTime the experience of knowing what buyer’s are looking for.


Whether it is starting with a blank slate with no furniture and accessories or using the existing furniture and positioning it in a new and fresh way, or painting an accent wall to bring out the best elements of your home/apartment, ShowTime will determine the correct setting, whether traditional or contemporary, as to what suits the market and the apartment/house itself.

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